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Delaware Geologic Information Resource (DGIR)
The Delaware Geologic Information Resource (DGIR) is an online system for discovery, distribution, and visualization of geologic and hydrologic information released by the Delaware Geological Survey. DGIR is composed of three components: the DGIR MapViewer (an online map viewer with GIS-like functionailty), the DGIR Metadata Catalog (a search and discovery interface for metadata of published DGS datasets and map services), and DGIR Services (a set of OGC-compliant WMS, WFS, and WCS map service.)
DGIR MapViewer

The DGIR MapViewer is an data display tool and map client for a variety of geologic, hydrologic and basemap information for Delaware. Currently, more then 40 layers are included in the map viewer, each one powered by WMS and WFS map services.

The map viewer includes basic GIS functions, such as pan/zoom, identify, etc..., on Google Maps. Users can access underlying data through via point-and-click in three tools: Well Query Tool, Surface Query Tool, and the Subsurface Query Tool.

Launch the DGIR MapViewer

DGIR Metadata Catalog

The DGIR Catalog is a metadata repository for DGS published datasets and services and is part of the US Geoscience Information Network (USGIN). It supports harvesting and Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) and OAI-PMH search protocols. Metadata records comply with the ISO 19139 standard.

The web interface allows for both spatial and textual search, such as through full-text searches or via keywords or categories. Data can be downloaded as zip files or displayed (as WMS map services) directly in the embedded viewer.

Browse the DGIR Metadata CataLog

DGIR Web Services

The back end of DGIR is powered by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-compliant web mapping services, designed or interoperability. All of the geologic and hydrologic maps published in the DGIR Map Viewer and DGIR Catalog are served as Web Map Service (WMS) as well as either Web Feature Service (WFS) or Web Coverage Service (WCS) map services as appropriate.

The services can be viewed through the DGIR Map Viewer as well as accessed directly through a GIS desktop (ArcGIS, QGIS) or your own custom applications. Services support GetFeatureInfo (i.e, Identify) requests and custom Style Layer Descriptor (SLD) files.

Sservices of Delaware statewide surficial geologic maps are also published to the OneGeology initiative.

View DGIR Services